Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Feeding Mr. Siakap

Halo Fishanados,

Here is an AMAZING VIDEO of our good fren and sifu, Eddie @ Farid Kaci feeding a siakap (or barramundi). The fish was caught in a commercial pond some time ago and kept in their fish pond at home. if you notice, the siakap is co-existing with freshwater fishies even though it was caught in a saltwater pondie. Check out the way it Feeds!!!

A few amazing points :

1. Siakap can survive in fresh, brackish and saltwater...RESPECT
2. All siakap start out life as males, but due to some factors unknown, some turn into female
3. Siakap will eat live bait such as small fishies or moluscs or udangs, as well as soft and hard lure baits.
4. When hooked, the siakap will jump (usually clearing the water surface) and spin around. Siakap have some sharp protrusions arounds its gill area, and this jump spinning action sometimes works in snipping the line or unsnagging the hook, thus freeing them.
5. They are among the best sportfish around, due to their fighting tactics and unrelenting spirit.
6. They are delicious when steamed with ginger and a little lime.


  1. uncle azman, hebatnya uncle azman ikan ganas pun boleh bagi makan.

  2. Nasib baik bukan uncle yang lompat masuk, gigit itu ikan!!!

  3. Yea Uncle Man! Cayalah! Lepas ni boleh buat show Siakap!