Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dungun Gorillaz@ SURF CASTING

Here are some pics i took from my last excursion to Dungun, my hometown. Located on the East Coast of Malaysia, the state of Terengganu it's just miles after miles of white sandy beaches. Take the coastal road and you can travel through all the big towns and capital city.I knew that was gonna some fishan there that morning. There was a slight drizzle and the sky was overcast.

A gorilla fren, Roy Azral had gone to Pulau Tenggol just of the coast but couldn't tahan the choppy waters and strong winds of the Musim Antara Monsun. Anyway, enjoy the pics....

Pulau Tenggol in the background

the backswing.....


Monday, March 15, 2010

Memancing dan masa depan anak-anak

Apakah sebabnya blog ni lama sangat tak di"update"? Mungkin sebab mereka yang menyelengara blog ini sibuk bekerja. Sibuk macamana pun, kita harus ingat 5 perkara...

1. "The worst day fishing still beets the best day at work"
2. "Working is for those who dono how to fish"
3. "Fishing is for those who know how to work"
4. "Only big bosses fish"
5. "Guerilla is Fishan"

Untuk cerita pendek (cerpen. cerdek tak bleh ka? awat? macam cerdik ke bunyi dia?) Okay, untuk cerpen kali ini, saya ingin menceritakan bagaimana memancing boleh membuat anak-anak kita menjadi manusia berguna di masa depan kelak... Menjadi khalifah di muka bumi ini...

Penyeri kolam

Memancing, suatu aktiviti yang amat baik, bahkan ianya adalah aktiviti terbaik untuk melatih anak-anak kita supaya bertanggungjawab. Ini kerana faktor peraturan, tempat dan orang tidak terlepas dari memancing.

Berlatih muda

Peraturan memancing dapat diajar kepada anak-anak agar dapat diamalkan dalam kehidupan seharian untuk mencapai matlamat menjadi manusia berguna di muka bumi anugerahNya ini. Peraturan menjaga kebersihan, peraturan umpan apa untuk ikan apa, peraturan kekuatan tali, peraturan mengikat gewang dan macam-macam peraturan yang baik lagi jika diamalkan dapat mengajar si kecil menjadi orang yang patuh kepada undang-undang. Sebagai contoh, di kolam bayar pasti ada peraturan menepati masa. Jika peraturan ini tidak diendahkan, pasti kita memancing terlebih masa. Oleh itu, faktor menjaga masa dapat diterapkan dalam hati anak-anak dengan memberi sebiji jam kepada mereka. Dengan jam tersebut, pertanggungjawabkanlah anak-anak untuk menjaga masa memancing. Ingat...

Demi masa. Sesungguhnya manusia itu benar-benar dalam kerugian, kecuali orang-orang yang beriman dan mengerjakan amal saleh dan nasehat menasihati supaya mentaati kebenaran dan nasehat menasehati supaya menetapi kesabaran [Al-Quran, 103:1-3].

Faiq Sultan Pacu

Tempat memancing juga memainkan peranan mengajar anak-anak menjadi orang berguna di masa hadapan. Mereka boleh diminta untuk menjaga kebersihan tempat memancing. Mereka boleh dilatih supaya peka dengan keadaan persekitaran tempat memancing. Mereka boleh diminta menjaga "tackle box" dan mengurus tempat umpan. Pendek kata, mereka boleh dijadikan "caddy" sewaktu memancing.

Tempat dan masa yang sesuai, membawa hasil yang lazat.

Akhir sekali, faktor orang. Kawan memancing mestilah selalu diajak apabila hendak keluar mencari rezeki yang halal melalui memancing. Oleh itu, ikatan persahabatan yang akrab dapat diterap dalam hati suci anak-anak kita melalui aktiviti memancing. Teman tadi jugalah yang boleh memberi pandangan yang baik seperti umpan apa yang hendak dipakai, baju apa yang sesuai dipakai dikala memancing. Mereka jugalah boleh dibawa bersembang sementara menunggu ikan. Oleh itu, jadikanlah anak-anak kita teman memancing kita.

Teman saya dari kecil

Jangan persia-siakan usia muda anak-anak kita dengan mengurung mereka dalam rumah dengan hanya menonton rancangan memancing. Bawalah mereka memancing. Cerahkanlah masa depan mereka. Moga-moga mereka menjadi manusia yang berguna apabila dewasa...


Saturday, March 6, 2010


RACUN means POISON in the white-man's language. It can be used to kill fish, plantlife or even people...

Orang ini racun tengah merayap dalam badannya...

MERACUN on the other hand is the act of baiting your fellow fishan buddy to do something like go fishan or go to kedai to upgrade his fishan gear... There is good RACUN and bad RACUN. Good RACUN is when the guy that is RACUNNed gets to excape from what they hate doing, for example to RACUN them to NOT TO GO TO OPIS BUT TO GO FISHAN instead.

Mr Onn, racun power

Uncle Major, the only guy that can racun Mr. Onn

Hasil racun...

On the other hand, bad RACUN is when only you get the advantage of the RACUN while your friend or his family sufferes. For example, RACUNNING someone to go fishan and cancel his plans to go to a wedding reception with his family. Now that is EVIL...

Racun reels for sale...

Recently I got RACUNNed... The good RACUN of course. I intended to get a new spinning reel at KEPONG TACKLE so I went with Mr. Onn. I had a few bucks with me and was going to grab something decent for my 6 foot rod. Then Mr. Onn sprayed some RACUN onto me. The RACUN made me think, this reel or that REEL RACUN. The REEL RACUNe had great specs, so I went for it. Its not hard to RACUN me you see, as I am not that RACUN resistant. In fact, you dont have to RACUN me, I will RACUN myself... Then I will RACUN you... I have only the good RACUN, so dont worry...

Jenahak kena racun baru IHZAN

Then off to SEA LION to try out the new SPINNING REEL RACUN... Had a 50lb line on it, a gift from Mr, Onn... heheh... We checked-in at 6.02pm and after about 10mins after the first cast, BANG BANG BOOOM!!! A jenahak sudah naik :D The reel was as smooth as a botol of racun...

About 5kgs of Fresh sea food...

I was all smiles like someone stoned... Went home with the JENAHAK I fishaned and a RED SNAPPER I bought from the peraih... Thank you Mr. Onn for RACUNNING me, may you get fish from SEA LION on the next trip heheh...

Upah menyiang ikan... 2 ringgit/ikan

Now thats the story about RACUN... So, keep in mind that you can RACUN someone to do something for your advantage or to your friends advantage or for the advantage of the nation of fishan-men...

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Power of PACU

Hi folks,

Short one today. As Pacu is our most featured Fish for the Month, I would just like to share with you some of the DARKER side of the Pacu.

On Discovery Channel this week, they featured Pacu's long lost South American cousin, the PIRANHA!!! Back in the late 70's, a bus carrying 40 passengers plunged into the Amazon river, drowning everyone in the bus except for one dude. The bus was only pulled out after a few hours and by that time, there was only 3 or 4 whole dead bodies left. The rest were EATEN clean by the piranhas!!! Just the bones were left.....VICIOUS!!!

So next time you pull up a PACU....have some RESPECT.

You might have laughed at Ih doing the Pacu Dance, but here's what one of the Pacu did to his fish hook after one such epic battle. Check it Out.

On the left is the normal slightly used fishhook. On the right is no longer a hook, due to the fighting spirit and raw power of the Pacu.....RESPECT. Dont play play...if you don't believe me, try biting into one of these chemically sharpened carbon-based hooks and try to un-curve it. I bet you'll cry harder than a little gurrrll.

Till then, Respect Nature and All God's creation.

Salam, Man Toman

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ihzan vs Pacuzan : Survivor Spirit @ PACU DANCE

We decided this blog should be here goes, JOMMMM!!!!

Pacu adalah spesis ikan yang agak "common" di kolam kolam memancing awam komersil. Mungkin kerana tabiat makannya yg rakus dan semangat survivornye yg tinggi, it is a very good choice if you are looking for MEGA ACTION!!!!Pacu ni lompat and gedik macam gila, trying to unhook itself.

When fishing Pacu, make sure the line is always taut (tegang). If not, it will swallow some line and bite it off!!! Also make sure you bring extra perambut banyak banyak, cuz you're sure to lose some when dealing with Pacu. Piranha Melayu la katakaaaan....

Wikipedia entry on PACU :

Pacu (Portuguese pronunciation: [paˈku]) is a common name used to refer to several species of South American freshwater fish that are related to the piranha, which are also kept as pets in aquaria. They are popularly thought of as herbivorous. Their teeth, which may look similar to human teeth, are used to cut through vegetation and crush seeds that fall into the water. Pacu and piranha have similar teeth, although the difference is jaw alignments; piranha have pointed, razor-sharp teeth in a pronounced underbite, whereas pacu have squarer, straighter teeth in a less severe underbite, or a slight overbite.[1] Additionally, full-grown pacu are much larger than piranha, reaching up to 30 kg (60 pounds) in weight, in the wild.

More on PACU here....

Yang ni bapak Pacu!!!! (photo by Thorke Østergaard)

Pacu yang kami biasa Pancing di Kolam Danau Biru is not this big laaaa...mampos terjun dalam kolam camtu. But their fighting spirit is apparent. Below is a story of what happens when a university lecturer meets with this Wonder of Nature. Hehehehe agak kelakor, some of these clips.

Ihzan vs. Pacu #1

Ihzan vs. Pacu #2 PACU DANCE, KELAKAR GILAAA!!!! Must SEE

Pacu #3 : No action shot cuz kamera man bawak naik, Ihzan busy ikat perambut!!

Ihzan vs Pacu #4

ENJOY THE CLIPS!!! I will let Ihzan the Pacu-nator to give a better commentary of the experience...hehehehehe


Man Toman

New Rekroot to da Guerilla Cozz

This is my eldest nephew KIKI, licking a Pacu about his first time out HERE

He's Terengganu on both sides, so Fishan is in his blood. Dunno wots in his Dad's blood tho, cuz he bought a spinner caster which wont do much good in a typical commercial kolam hehehe. Plus i dunno how to use one, i'm just a kampung bottom fisherman heheheh

Man Toman