Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pacu Bosa

Takdo cito baru sangat la geng.

Itu hari ada gi mancing, dapat Pacu Frenzy. So tak menang tangan gak la mancing. Stop pun sebab jaring penuh hehehe

Ni ada video Amigos tangkap Pacu bosar punyoh.

Selamat enjoy!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Irideus Spey Rod Defect

Hi ya folks.

We've bought 3 of these rods (Irideus 13ft wt7/8 spey rod) for a small fortune which arrived on time. The rod looks better in real life than on eBay. However 1 of the rod's butt section cork is NOTICEABLY dented. Thus we could only use 2 of them for now and still wondering what will happen to the defective rod. Will irideus replace it? Will we be doomed to keep it?

Since Irideus will not open email attachments from customers due to the possible threat of virus, this is the best way to show where and how the defects at the butt section looks like. You might also want to see a video complain on an irideus 6/7 spey rod by another customer here. Enjoy!!!

Figure 1: Defective butt bottom view

Can you spot where the defect is in figure 1??? If you cant, take a look at figure 2, the exact same picture as in figure 1 but highlighted to exactly where the chipped off cock is. Quite a NOTICEABLE defect!

Figure 2: Defective butt bottom view with highlights

Figure 3: Comparison between defective butt and perfect butt

Figure 3 shows a comparison between 2 irideus rod butts. The one on the left is defective. Notice that the perfect rod has a perfectly rounded shape. See it? No? Anyway, figure 4 shows the same picture with highlights in order to clearly prove our point.

Figure 4: Comparison between defective butt and perfect butt with highlights

In figure 4, just for the record, the one circled in yellow is the rod with the damaged fighting butt. Notice that a SIGNIFICANT AMOUNT of cork is missing where the yellow arrow is pointing to. Nothing missing for the perfect cork circled in red on the right though.

Figure 5: Closeup of chipped off cork at fighting butt section

Figure 5 shows a perspective view of how the damaged fighting butt looks like. Figure 6 is the same picture but has arrows to high lite the very NOTICEABLE defect.

Figure 6: Closeup of chipped off cork at fighting butt section with highlights

So there you have it. Considering we purchased 3 rods, it would be nice if irideus considered to replace the butt section for free. Oh, did I mention, I also bought one Irideus Golden Color wt8/10 Spey reel thats on the way (tracking id: LC100535105US). Hopefully irideus will show their professionalism to us professional anglers.

Before I end, click here and here to see how we have experienced PROFESSIONAL ONLINE ANGLING SERVICES before. For us, TRUST is the best policy for modern day long distance online purchases.

Hopefully something positive will come out of this for us and irideus!

-Izhal12 on behalf of my damaged rod bought by modonnz-

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Shrimp Fly

Seri Putra Shrimp Fly

Ingredients for the shrimp fly:

1. Hook
2. Turkey biots for claws
3. Dubbing for the body
4. Pheasant tail fibres for the body and tail
5. Lead eyes
5. White thread for tying
6. Head cement to finish off the fly

Field tested at Bandar Seri Putra's monsoon drain.

Snake head haven

Great for catching

Striped snake heads

The snake head's head

Awaiting for Irideus to ctach them wild PACUs at the nearby Impian Putra wild pond!!!

-Ih was here-