Thursday, May 26, 2011

Overnight Jimah Power Plant @ Bagan Lalang

Salam gang,

Gorila gang melebarkan sayapnya, mengembara ke setiap pelusuk perairan Malaysia.

Kali ini kengkawan telah pergi bersama Tokay Boat @ Tekong - Rahim Silver Fox. (Kalau mau contact details, sila email kami)

Tekong membuat persediaan
Bot berlepas dari Jeti Bagan Lalang.


Heading out, Tekong Rahim and A
buya Konsortium Ikan
Kebi bergaya macam tekong darat Rokok Surya
Pilot Lesen "L" menduga skill buat figure 8
Boya - antara pitstop mencari umpan
Kebi bersama anak ikan

Beginilah keadaannya di bawah Jeti Jimah

Chef kapal menyediakan juadah berasaskan Roti - cari patin ke Dan??
Dua-dua senyum dalam tidur, mimpi sama ke?
Sambil yang lain tidor, Kebi menaikkan "Tetanda"
Pagi esok, Ninja Ikan membuat persediaan
Peluang yang ada dimaksimakan
Sotong yang rabun malam, naik di siang hari. Asyik gambar Kebi je dapat ikan???

Aksi-aksi yang tidak wajar dicontohi - Todak pun todak laaaahhh :P


Final count

Berlabuh sudahhh

Monday, May 16, 2011

Dolphin Dive @ Tioman Island

Ninja Ikan

Dear fishanados,

Below is the adventures of Abuya on Holiday in Tioman. No fishies were hurt in the making of this article: all fishies are trained professional stunt fishes and were released safely.

Kg. Genting - Malay population, polite & generous people... Nice sandy beaches but to all travellers, please help do not litter... Even you are smokers, your cigarettes butt must not be thrown anywhere, especially in the seawater. We can preserve these beautiful island for our next generation to live on.

Reef Resort - En. Azizan, nice fella with down to earth attitude. Though the resort is high on the foot hill but still the nearest to jetty of Kg. Genting, great budget place with all the necessary things you need for a holiday at sea...

Thank you so much Brade Ipan for such great service and with smiley face all day long. My 1st day of fishing was no luck at all, catch 1 big eye fish and there was a fight with presumable stingray cause of the reaction but with Apollo bait string.... twink!!! Can manage a few minute fight then the Apollo line snap...

2nd Day was the best trip of my life... my 1st time of snorkeling at the marine park - wonderful scenery and my 1st time of seeing Dolphins trailing our boat and it was such a great feeling.... Our tekong assistant said that was his 1st time of seeing Dolphins since 2 years working at Tioman beaches, so it must be our greatest luck!!!

Last day of fishing - early morning facto, great scores of catch from the jetty though small size fishes. Wonderful trip and must come back again and next time must spend more than 3 days there. Many great places awaiting for us to explore....