Thursday, June 24, 2010

Kakap di Kukup @ Casting at Land's End

Hehehehe actually the title is very misleading. We were in Tanjung Piai, NEAR Kukup and we also didn't catch any Kakap (siakap, barramundi)...just thought it was a cool "rhyme".

Enjoy the pics!!!

Fishan boat heading out at dusk, background Singapore Port

"Caught" the morning Sun with my Abu Island II

Open Sea-ness at dawn......Gorgeous!

Trying to cast all the way to Singapore

Jetty, restaurants in the background

"Any fish?"....."DON'T ASK!!!"

A family affair
We'll be Back!!!

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  1. Totally happy with this holiday...we should surely come back at the right time. Thank you very much Johor Gang!