Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Dear Fishanados,

How hardcore can one be? Just follow the pics and make your own judgement.

We travel in packs and do it from the back, how else can you get to the Boouty!!!

All the while we do it FROGGIE STYLE!!!


Best time for Haruan poaching is morning or late evenings....weather should be clear cause rain clouds up the water. When the fish can't see the lure, might as well go home and sleep.

Site identified...it could be any body of water, my friends.

"There's Haruan in dem watersss!!!" according to the old hand

Don't be afraid of a little bush.... :P

A quick survey to get a feel for the lay of the land

"I must be crazy to follow this guy" I sez to myself

But I hear and see, the haruan a-poppin' and a-bubblin'....so I follow

The right ammo is essential...fake versions of the Haruan diet of Baby Seluang, Geckos, Lil spinners and Froggies!!!!

And also the appropriate rigging....
And proper footwear

Or else you end up like this (Damn, they my nice sneakers too!!!)

Beginner : Casting for Monkeys

Green Froggy Joe, my new best friend

Maghrib soon, time to pack it up and Go

We'll be back to see you twins.....next Sunday!

Because who knows?? Sometimes....you can land one of these!!!!

Salam til next time!!! Watch this space!

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