Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pot Baru @ Fish Valley Semenyih

Dear all fishanados,

The other day we all hantam Fish Valley half-day. Syok woooo....all the gang was there including Man Toman, Abuya Garcia, Dr. Speymaster and Sifoo himself.

Sifoo with his Magic Touch Dedak

We fished at the catch-release Monster pond in the back. Syiokkk wooo because there's lots and lots of fishies. Our radar just wouldn't sit still for more than 2 minutes.

The pond is also open to lure-fishing, fly fishan and spey fishans, as demonstrated by our resident Dr. Speymaster.

Abuya pretending to be Speymaster

The real Speymasta Mannn

Speymaster got a nice bite...but after 2 minutes of fighting, the fish chomped off the fly. Might have been a monster Pacu.
Before : Zonker Fly
After : Congkak Fly

Enjoy the vids!!!

We got lots and lots of Telapia Merah and Bunga (sampai tak larat, dah malas dohhh)

And also some Fat Leekoh action

and a couple of Taiwanese ahmoys

That last kopek...tapi tak naik, very the frust one

Ciao!!! See you there this weekend!!!

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