Sunday, December 5, 2010

Fly Tying the "Fat Wrap" Stone Fly

-Fat Wrap Stone Fly, 2010-

This tutorial shows how we make stone flies at Guerilla Fishan. The main ingredients are:

1. No 8 Hook
2. Dubbing material-bronze color
3. White latex glove-cut to arrow shape
4. Goose biots-6 pieces
5. Lead wire
6. Black thread

1. Wrap some lead on your number 8 long shank hook.

2. Secure lead wire with black thread.

3. Make a ball of dubbing at the hook bend.

4. Tie in two goose biots.

5. Cut a strip of white rubber glove into an arrow shape.

6. Tie it in above the dubbing ball to form the skin.

7. Dub the black thread.

8. Wrap the dubbing to form a fat ball (FAT WRAP).

9. Create segments using the black thread.

10. Tie in 2 more biots and flip the skin back.

11. Fold the skin to the front and secure with black thread.

12. Tie in 2 more biots.

13. Flip skin to back and secure front end with black thread.

14. Tightly wrap just a little above the skin with black thread.

15. Fold the skin to the front and tie to form a small black head. Whip finish and apply head cement to end.

Presenting the Fat Wrap Stone Fly (Side view)

Back view. This is what the fish see as they chase the fat wrap stone fly.

As the skin material is white, you could use marker pen to decorate it as to your liking or what you think the fishes like...


  1. Why is it called the Stone Fly? It doesn't look like a stone. Hmmmm????

  2. Manhood,

    Excellent question.

    The stone fly is an insect whose nymph (babies) dwell under stones in rivers. Here in Malaysia, our stone fly nymphs are black and brown in color. So this is the guerillafishan version of the stone fly's nymph.

    Sometimes people refer to them simply as stones :)