Sunday, April 4, 2010

Call of the Ketutu

This catch was in a kolam in serdang... The security guard had visited me to give me the call to go home... Luckily I 'buat tak pot' because unexpectedly I got the call of the KETUTU... heheh... What to expect... we gorilafisharman...

My first ketutu

caught using this ecogear 8gm color code 331 cranckbait

I guess the ketutu is the 'darat' version of the kerapu... The face and the color carries a great resemblance, right???

Doesn't this fish...

look like this fish???

Yep, a little resemblance there. Like the pacu and the bawal, like the king-kong and the gorila and like the gorila and the fishan... The ketutu tastes good simply fried... No fishy-fishy smell... No wonder its about 70bucks/kg... perghhhh...

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