Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Brazan of the Belom

Halo Gorillaz,

Long time havent posted anything new. Just bz a bit with non-fishan aspects of LIFE.
The only fishan that I have been doing this month has been at Danau Biru, so its the normal Rohu Pacu Baung haul. Memang best, but nothing real dramatic to share. Except this one time, a small Rohu i hooked immediately launched itself out of the water....to which the onlookers remarked "SIAKAP!!!" HAHAHAHA....err..sorry, fisherman joke.Which brings me to our featured story.

My good fren and Dam sifoo, Shah Brazan Rapalazan went on an excursion recently. He's still single, so he could actually peel himself off the sofa and PS3 and go into the jungle for a few days. Anyway, these are some pics he shared for this blog.
The Royal Belum State Park (Taman Negara Diraja Belum) is located in Perak,i think. Yes, it is.
Brazan had the opportunity to spend 3 nights there for the sole purpose of fishanzan. Don't worry, its totally legal, they got permits and everything. Not like that one time, when you-know-who caught you-remember-what at you-know-where!!! Can't share any details, just the initials K.E.L.A.H. hehehe

Here is what WWF has to say about protecting the flora and fauna whatever :

In the northernmost corner of Perak, 117,500 ha were declared as the Royal Belum State Park by Duli Yang Maha Mulia (DYMM) Sultan Azlan Shah, Sultan of Perak on 31 July 2003. This park is managed by the Perak State Parks Corporation.

You can read more here

The campsite...koboi je

Getting Ready to Head Out

Getting Ready to Head Out II : One can never own too many rods..

Brazan and Kaum

The most vicious fish in the Park.....took 10 men and 3 days to catch one hehehe, jgn marah brazzzz.

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