Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Nite Angling

Wahzan!!! It's been a long long long rod since I posted something...

I wanted to post a few pics of a quite recent Terengganu Paradise on Earth (TPE) fishing escapade, but them pictures are in the other laptop.  So, nite laptop angling for authentic pictures of fishing related stuff on this old laptop will have to do...

What kind of a fishing blog never talks about catch and release... An incomplete one I guess.  This topic may seem controversial to some and sensitive to others, but its there in fishing. So, here goes, what we at Guerilla Fishan think about CnR... Maybe I'm speaking for myself, but who cares as long as I'm posting...

The pictures of catches, baits, the ocean, irrigation canals and of course pictures of captives got this angler thinking.

Thinking about the faces on the fishes, some wear long faces, some surprised, some scared stiff, some in pain, some stunned and some hopeful... Hopeful for a release and to be free once again into the watery paradise we yanked them out from, whether for food, for fun or both or even reasons of who knows why.

I guess, this is how catch n release started, pondering at the faces of all of those beautiful fishes at the end of our leaders...

The anglers mind, out of satisfaction after a long wait for fish and the heart out of joy from hooking up one somehow connects and makes the fisherman do crazy things, that is to catch n release.

To catch then release or keep is a decision that has to be made by anglers. Very different decisions when comparing  between the ones who frequent free-ponds and pay-ponds.

What's the CnR decision based on... Its a decision based on conscious thoughts of conservation. Conservation of the future, the near and the far. Conservation based on ideology, women & children (fish) are to be left alone. 

Conservation based on situation... can the catch survive a release... It's a responsible decision made by men with rods... fishing rods...

Whatever the decision, whether it be back to the water to be fished another day or condemned to death by fillet knife, the reason made by most anglers are responsible.

Except by a select brainless few... Poachers!!! that even take fish eggs if they could be caught on a line.

So my fellow anglers, if you got kids and the kid dont got a rod, go get the kid a rod. Remember to teach the kid good decision making as his father and the father before his father and the father before that father practiced.

Hopefully the kid will turn out to be one of us brainy few...

Without any law or the lack of its enforcement on CnR in this part of the globe it always good to  take a few, release a few all based on sane judgement. 

It's like religion, no enforcement anywhere but practiced by believers alike. Just like us at Guerilla Fishan...

Thanks for reading...


  1. very nice..syok tgk umpan fly,kat tmpt sy sgt sush nk dpt..lawa2 umpan fly,

  2. TQ En. MyM,

    Kalau nak umpan fly percuma, hubungilah Manhood...

  3. Ur Wlcome..

    eh,bagus la kalau mcm tu,tp,mcmmana nk hubungi?..

    1. MyM, blog ni kekadangada competetion bagi hadiah fly... kalo signup pon manhood bagi fly free... email dia amandillo@yahoo.com

  4. owh,compttion?..maaf,sy baca je,nk tau basic memancing,tp ada gak ya,ok3..trma kasih..

  5. Salam tuan,

    Kalau willing to share address pos, hantarkan ke gorilafishan@gmail.com. Fly istimewa menanti anda!!! hehehehe

  6. alhamdulillah,bgus la kalau cmtu,Jazakallah..terbaik la..dh hntar alamt kt emel,..bnda free,nk cpt je,. :)