Monday, May 21, 2012

Abuya Asean Tour Pt 3 : Gillhams @ Krabi

Salam to all loyal readers,

The great Abuya is back in business yo!!!  If a picture is worth a thousand words, then I better shut up and let you enjoy the pics...hehehehe.  But this is a blog, so I have to write something.

This is the entrance to a paradise of freshwater fishan....

Nice cozy reception area, with the Wall of Fame. RESPECT!!!

Probably the hugest pay pond Abuya's ever been to

For the entrance fee, you get two rods, bait and a caddy to help you out

Senor Red Tail from South America....

And his cousin, Senorita Culo Rojo :P


Baitfish for Araipaima Gigas, we call it the Anak Ikan Tamban

Gigantic Pellets for Gigantic Fishies

Baitrunner, CUNNNNN

Now this is the Real Deal, no more spring bombs! No more Mid-Air Detonations

Bersama tokey....Mistarr Gillham sarrr...RESPECT!!!
Nice Bungalows to sleep

Assistant ni ada iras-iras Arjen Robben sikit...dari atas
They even help you call the Monsters

Tak lama lepas tu....

You can check out more info HERE.  Good Luck!!!

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