Monday, April 30, 2012

Abuya Asean Tour Pt 2 : Longtail @ Ao Nang Beach, Thailand


Yes loyal guerillas of the fishan world.

It is time for the next installment in this WORLD tour series by this blog.  Don't play play, we go all the wayyy you know.

From scenic Halong Bay, our intrepid Abuya makes his way by motorbike all the way to Krabi, Thailand.  
Yes, I am bullshitting you, of course he took a flight. Here is picture of his chalet entrance, quite nice inside but all interior shots have been censored.  Don't worry, he traveled with his wife.

So after the disappointing outing in Halong Bay, Abuya was determined to make the best out of this leg of his trip.  So on this trusty bike he went, round and round Krabi until he found this jetty.  And at this jetty, he found someone who would take him out to sea to fish.  At least that's what they both agreed on since the boatman no speak the English dan Abuya no speak Thai.

Entrance to the jetty

The cowboy jetty
The boatman who speaka no English

Heading out
   Abuya and Control Face
Inside view of the Longtail Boat

Chicken Island, on the way to Phi Phi Island

                                                                One of the spots where they stopped to fish
  Dusk approaching so they head back

Suprise Pilot!!! Good thing they didn't crash :P

Nightfall at Ao Nang Beach...beautiful!!!
Oh and i almost forgot!!! The fish pictures hehehe.  Well, due to the limited time and communication, this was all that Abuya could muster up this time round. Not bad considering.
The haul, mostly on apollo
 Mr Grouper Jr.
So, total score on Abuya's trip  Abuya : One, Fishies : One.

It's a dead heat tie people.  Can't wait for the Final installment....Jeng Jeng Jengggg!!!!  

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