Thursday, April 26, 2012

Abuya Asean Tour Pt 1 : Halong Bay, Vietnam

Assalamualaikum and Good Day to all our loyal readers,

This new posting format from Blogger is very annoying, but what the heck.  We can't disappoint our loyal readers out there.  Keep on reading, gang and keep on spreading the good word on the fishan.

Abuya has been quite busy in the month of April, which sucks because he may have run out of vacation days at the office and will not be available for any other fishanado adventures later in the year.  But life is short and you never know, so Pulun Onnn!!!

Abuya went to Vietnam with his beloved wife and to the famous tourist spot Halong Bay.  Went and did the tourist thing.  But all the while, the sight of so much water got him nervous.

And the sight of this at one of the fishing villages got him even more desperate!!!

So on one of the days, he managed to slip away by "chumming" his wife with some cash to go shopping.  The guide took him away to try out the nearby fishing ponds in Vietnam.

Enjoy the pics.


Unfortunately there are no pictures of fishes because nothing was caught that day :((.  But don't worry, Abuya did not pay because there was no action. Can ahh like that??  Can, according to the guide hehehe.

Ah well, just another day in the life, you all understand right?

Asean Tour Bounty -  Abuya = Zero, Fishies = One.

Part 2 coming up!!!! Keep tuned to this channel.

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