Monday, April 4, 2011

Battle of Undergrad Fishies

Salam to all,

This week we have a very special feature where our trusted guerilla founders go up against academic fishies in institutions of higher learning a.k.a.University fishes. Having been driven away from these grounds before, our team has shown great courage and sense of responsibility in coming back to win on these grounds yet again.

The pond within the hallowed halls of learning hide a mysterious secret

Inhabiting the pond of a nearby university, the battleground was set on a quiet weekend afternoon when all the students and members of faculty were at home relaxing with friends and family.

Totally unaware of the threat that these undergraduate fishies impose on the future of the nation, these meek mere mortals do not see nor appreciate the sacrifices that some guerilla fishanados have to make on a weekend, in order to rid the world of some of these "ikan sekolah" or schools of fishes.

Our heroes of the day is led by FlyMaster Pay-to-Spey (P2S) with his remarkable trusty spey rod and reel, able to poke any hidey holes with fish up to 17 feet and beyond with his swashbuckling swishing technique. P2S targets any predatorial adversaries hiding, poised to strike in the top water.

Master P2S with his best "Metal" Face

Don't worry son, it can get this long sometimes.....


Backed up by his partner-in-grime to sweep up any bottom feeders, Double Dutch (Double-D) with his twin threat short and long rods, our heroes embark on this battle of evermore.

On Double Rod Duty

Double Hook-Up

After a fierce battle of over an hour (including fifteen minutes smoke break and time out when Master P2S accidentally swished Double-D's magic fishan hat), the day is won by our heroes when five of the larger sized adversaries of the Lampam kind were captured. The smaller catches were released to grow up and fight another day because guerillas fight fair and do not bully the small. The only collateral damage were some earthworms who happened to pass by and DoubleD convinced them to go for a deep dip.

At home with DoubleD; some have mastered the art of upside down swimming or kuak lentang.

Their last swim, in masak lemak tempoyak....Double DEEE-Lish!!!!

Salam All, see yah!!!

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