Monday, January 17, 2011

T for Tengas Therapy

TALE of the TENGAS , not a TALL tale, more of a Fish Story.

THE weekend brings with it the chance to do some TREKKING up a certain hill in search of the THRILL of Fishan. This TIME it is up the TRAIL near gombak way, where our TIRELESS anglers go in their endless search; the TARGET TODAY is the TENGAS (Neolissochilus hexagonolepis).

TAXONOMY of the TENGAS (a.k.a. TENGIH in Perak state) suggests that it is part of the Carp Family, and judging by the small feelers around its mouth, i TEND to agree.

Near the water TREATMENT plant, where most of the TAPWATER in the Kelang Valley comes from is where our journey begins.

TRIBUTARY or river? It's small enough to be the former but also big enough to be a small latter. Either way, there's fish in them thar waters.

TREADING water over slippery rounded rocks is TRICKY business indeed. But we were seriously TAKEN by the pristine beauty of the place.

THROUGH the underbrush, secondary jungle of the TROPICAL rainforest of Malaysia.

TACTICS for Tengas hunting is very specific. TACKLE setup used is the lightest you probably have. TECHNICALLY, a medium sinker applied because the water is so rapid, with a long leader line so the bait can fly freely in the current. TINY is the size of the hook, 0.8 is just nice.

TENGAS is a TACTFUL predator, mainly feeding on the insects that skip over the water, or the tiny jungle fruits that drop in occasionally. We used crickets. We think flyfishan would also be very successful here, so makers of cricket flies, be ready for high strike rates!!!

Tengas eats at the TOP or middle of the water, so TIMING is everything.

The fish goes TAP, TAP, TAP then blazes away with the bait. Important to feel the TAP, TAP, TAP before TUGGING on your line to set the hook. It TEASES the bait, a few light nudges before gulping it, just to TEMPT the angler, so make it count! A TENDER TOUCH is key but not too slow, you'll lose the bait.

And with the water current so fast, the line is always TAUT and the sinker bouncing on the rocks at the bottom giving a false signal , TOTAL feel of the line is TANTAMOUNT to scoring some fish. But sooner or later, you'll get the hang of it; it's almost TELEGRAPHIC.

Is it TALENT or TALISMAN that makes a successful Tengas hunter?

Getting the line TANGLED is common, as the formidable TENGAS grabs its prey and scurries into the rocks at the riverbed. So bring lots of spare sinkers and hooks, as it can get TEDIOUS.

TEN is the number of fish caught that day, for which we are very THANKFUL to God. Even though it is not the heaviest of fish, its TRULY a TANTALIZING experience to the angler TEAM. THERAPEUTIC, almost.

So, TIE your flies, make some TIME and TELL your friends, come TAG along on the next TRIP!!!



  1. huuu... besttt.... pegi tak ajak punnnn....

  2. Bro, lu tak bgtau nak ikot huhuuh.
    Apa kata lu contribute satu story mancing kat sini, haaa pastu baru lu bole ikut xpdc seterusnye....:P

  3. bila lagi trip ke sana??? aku buat umpan udang, ulat sama cengkerik la mulai sekarang!!!

  4. Ini weekend mungkin ada TRIP. Tapi kena gerak awal pagi, before 7am leave hometown.