Tuesday, September 21, 2010

3 Days 2 Nights Sabah Excursion.

The recent hari raya not only bring joy to families but also to Hardcore fisherman, who rarely got a chance on a long vacation. I had a chance to go back to my wife hometown for Raya, and after 2nd day of raya, my sea leg started to get itchy. Need to lepas my gian.. Armed with 1/2 dozen local boat operator phone number... i started calling them.. The conversation would start like this...in sabah slang..

Me: Aloo Bos, bot ada kluar ka besuk?
Boat owner : Tiada woo.. hari lima saja baru kluar.. (hari lima in sabah slang means friday)
Me: Ok tenkiu..

I started to make calls the 3rd day of raya and i wasn't gonna wait until to go fishan.. If i had to, i will fly to Tawau for fishing (got an invitation from a very close friend of mine.)

On monday evening .. the fateful call..

Me: Bos, ko ada kluar ka hari kerja?
Boat owner: Bot saya ada kluar bisuk.. ko mau ikut ka? 3 hari 2 malam..
Me: Buleh bos.. saya mau ikut..
Boat owner: Ok bisuk pagi jam 7:30..

Took me another 2 hour to buy all the necessary equipment for the impromptu fishan trip..
luckily the store wasn't that far from the house .. only 10 minute drive..

The next morning i arrive at the KK jetty at 7:15 am..
First look at my hotel for the next 3D 2 N..Although the boat look little bit rusty.. but i think it's much professional and better than any fishan boat from the East Coast.. There's a cabin that can sleep 10 people comfortably. Proper working toilet with freshwater and the captain with the help of 2 crewmembers.

The journey took 4 hour to the fishin ground.. with the speed average around 7-8 knots (18- 22 km /hr). So we spend our time prepping up the gear...

Apparently, i'm the only outsider on the boat as the rest are seasoned local angler from KK. How do i know they're regular anglers? look at the equipment below..

The reels are motorized!!! Using a car battery as a power.. and each angler brought 2 cooler box which is medium size red box that you see in pasar ikan..

Whereas, i came on board with 1 small cooler box and 1 styrofoam box.. too embarrased even to put the picture here..

Look at the minimum size of the reels..

Location of our fishing ground.. a standard 80-100km off the coast of KK. The water was quite calm.. good for people who are seasick, but not that good for fishing. The tekong changes place on average of 7 places in 1 day.. and no wonder the trip need to be 3D 2N as journey from 1 fishing ground to another will take between 1/2 hour to an hour. At least the tekong are willing to change places..

After 3D 2N trip the result are not that impressive according to the local / seasoned angler.. but for me this is one of the best trip that i've been .. although i could have caught some bigger fish..
It was well worth it.. with a little bit of sunburn.. :) and some new fishan friend..


  1. Bahh, bisuk aku mau ikut kau yahh...jgn lupaaa!!! Ok tak accent gua?

  2. Nelayan langkawi bleh pi tangkap ikan di KK... POWER!!!

  3. Ikan kat langkawi dah habis di sawkieu kottt