Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sea Fishan on Dry Land @ Pulau Carey

Dear Gorillaz,

When you feel the urge to hit the ocean for some "pulling" tarik-tarik action, but don't have the time nor the boat to go to some fish-rich island or tukun, there is always Kolam Air Masin action. This time, we bring you action from Kolam Pulau Carey, (we didn't cross any big water, but we assume the people who named the place "pulau" knew what they were talking about).

Overview of the Kolam, from opposite the entrance/counter

So its easy to get there, depending where you're from. Just head for Banting town, then you will start seeing signs pointing to Pulau Carey. When you get lost, I suggest you stop and ask someone for directions...hehehe

This kolam is located right next to a muara sungai, I think it might be Sungai Langat because Kuala Langat town is right before it. That's where they get the sea water, so this kolam "supposedly" houses true blue sea species such as Jenahak, Kerapu, Bawal and Senangin, plus the more common air-payau Siakap species. Hmmmm.....so they say.

Defiant Siakap refuses to pose nicely for a photo, kept flopping around

And some of your non-fishers may wonder where do all this fish come from. Well, the kolam owner buys them and releases into the water. Once every hour or so, a siren will waaaaiiillll...and some Bangla or Indon will paddle out to the fish cages and let go some fish. They SAY they let go some fishes, but we can't really tell, can we???? Check out this video...

Melepaskan ikan for your enjoyment, katanye....

We've had quite a few successes there, but never more than one fish per person.

Wak Paeng with a 2kg Jenahak, which pulled gila-gila (like crazy)

The biggest fish ever landed by one of the Gorilla crew is a 5kg Siakap, by none other than our Sifoo Ecol. Here are some action shots, courtesy of Pak Abu Hamdan.

Must mandrem@talk to the fish first, to convince them to take a bite

Easy does it.......

Whoaa there Big Fellah, rod-bending power from down under(water)

Mission Accomplished, 5kg Siakap Monsterrrr...

MY 3KG MONSTER (Looks smaller because author is Big-Sized :P)

Overall, we feel that the kolam is overpriced. For its RM20 per hour rate, we expect more non-Siakap species to be landed. Pure Siakap places are much, much cheaper. Real sea water places like this one must host more non-Siakap species, so more anglers have more options on what they can target. While we were there, we only saw one jenahak, and no sign of Kerapu. How laaa??? But on the plus side, it's not crowded AT ALL and it's clean and suitable for family-oriented outings.

Till next time, Adios fishanados!!!!

Man krapoo

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