Thursday, March 4, 2010

Power of PACU

Hi folks,

Short one today. As Pacu is our most featured Fish for the Month, I would just like to share with you some of the DARKER side of the Pacu.

On Discovery Channel this week, they featured Pacu's long lost South American cousin, the PIRANHA!!! Back in the late 70's, a bus carrying 40 passengers plunged into the Amazon river, drowning everyone in the bus except for one dude. The bus was only pulled out after a few hours and by that time, there was only 3 or 4 whole dead bodies left. The rest were EATEN clean by the piranhas!!! Just the bones were left.....VICIOUS!!!

So next time you pull up a PACU....have some RESPECT.

You might have laughed at Ih doing the Pacu Dance, but here's what one of the Pacu did to his fish hook after one such epic battle. Check it Out.

On the left is the normal slightly used fishhook. On the right is no longer a hook, due to the fighting spirit and raw power of the Pacu.....RESPECT. Dont play play...if you don't believe me, try biting into one of these chemically sharpened carbon-based hooks and try to un-curve it. I bet you'll cry harder than a little gurrrll.

Till then, Respect Nature and All God's creation.

Salam, Man Toman

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  1. huuu...bengkok tuuu...... mcm mner nak guna jarum(buat bentuk matakail) nie... Huhuhuhuhuuu.. Ganazzzzzz...........