Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ihzan vs Pacuzan : Survivor Spirit @ PACU DANCE

We decided this blog should be dwi-bahasa...so here goes, JOMMMM!!!!

Pacu adalah spesis ikan yang agak "common" di kolam kolam memancing awam komersil. Mungkin kerana tabiat makannya yg rakus dan semangat survivornye yg tinggi, it is a very good choice if you are looking for MEGA ACTION!!!!Pacu ni lompat and gedik macam gila, trying to unhook itself.

When fishing Pacu, make sure the line is always taut (tegang). If not, it will swallow some line and bite it off!!! Also make sure you bring extra perambut banyak banyak, cuz you're sure to lose some when dealing with Pacu. Piranha Melayu la katakaaaan....

Wikipedia entry on PACU :

Pacu (Portuguese pronunciation: [paˈku]) is a common name used to refer to several species of South American freshwater fish that are related to the piranha, which are also kept as pets in aquaria. They are popularly thought of as herbivorous. Their teeth, which may look similar to human teeth, are used to cut through vegetation and crush seeds that fall into the water. Pacu and piranha have similar teeth, although the difference is jaw alignments; piranha have pointed, razor-sharp teeth in a pronounced underbite, whereas pacu have squarer, straighter teeth in a less severe underbite, or a slight overbite.[1] Additionally, full-grown pacu are much larger than piranha, reaching up to 30 kg (60 pounds) in weight, in the wild.

More on PACU here....

Yang ni bapak Pacu!!!! (photo by Thorke Østergaard)

Pacu yang kami biasa Pancing di Kolam Danau Biru is not this big laaaa...mampos terjun dalam kolam camtu. But their fighting spirit is apparent. Below is a story of what happens when a university lecturer meets with this Wonder of Nature. Hehehehe agak kelakor, some of these clips.

Ihzan vs. Pacu #1

Ihzan vs. Pacu #2 PACU DANCE, KELAKAR GILAAA!!!! Must SEE

Pacu #3 : No action shot cuz kamera man bawak naik, Ihzan busy ikat perambut!!

Ihzan vs Pacu #4

ENJOY THE CLIPS!!! I will let Ihzan the Pacu-nator to give a better commentary of the experience...hehehehehe


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  1. mak aiii....ngam glerr la.... tp mmg best main dgn pacu nie... Kat kolam kg.melayu subang banyak gle sang pacu nieeee