Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Hunt for Elusive Siakap @ Kolam 2828

3rd Week july – I was involve in a fishing competition organized by the bank SRC. It was a last minute decision since we don’t have enough people (1 team need at least 4 people) .After much coax from organizer , we joined in the competition without having any knowledge or proper equipmentwith only 3 people . Too bad that we are not allowed to add any “import player” as Mantoman would be a good import player. The other 2 member in my team would be consider newbie / rookie player. How do I know they are rookie? They don’t even have a fishing rod.

LOCATION of the fishing competition

Reccee trip was done in the evening and from what I gather, there are several “lubuk” in the pond. You can see the regulars that always book the lubuk. There are also one small restaurant that cater to the fisherman need. On a normal day entrance is RM13 /hour with live udang selling at RM1 / ekor. From my observation, the fish that were caught was siakap which have a min size 0.7 – 1.5 kg.. Manage to get few tips from the indons that are working in the pond on the best spot / time /method to fish.

Let the games begin

We arrive at 8.30 am thinking that the other participant will come little bit later. Unfortunately, we came in too late as most of the lubuks already been booked. We end up settling with nice corner spot with air bubble flowing to the surface. Each team has been allocate 20 live udangs for the 4 hour competition. Started off @9 am and finish @ 1 pm.

The whole morning on our side was full of dull moment as we take turn untangling line from other opponent (place is too crowded with 52 people). Action began on the opposite side of our bench where we can see they are bringing in siakap one after another of total of 6 siakap in

less than 4 hour. Around 12:00 pm it started rain heavily, and we still didn’t catch any fish. The pond owner at one point release all the fish from their net inside the pond after heavy pressure from participant due to lack of action.

The Action

After the rain subsided, we are already packing our stuff and concede defeat when suddenly I notice that the “pelampung” was missing. I was cursing the team next to us as I thought that the line has been tangled again with their line. While reeling in, there’s a slight tug on the line and then realized that a fish actually has eaten the bait. Took about 10 minutes to reel in the fish with some acrobatic action.

It tooks 3 hour and heavy rain before a fish has been brought up. Quite sizeable fish @ 1.7kg. It was the second biggest fish in the competition. Unfortunately it’s not enough to win any prize.

Takyah hadiah laa bro, bawak balik makan sudaaahh :P

The lunch and packing home

The menu for our lunch which was not that bad at all consist of siakap 3 Rasa with sambal udang. (Sorry no pic). I think this place would be a nice addition for saltwater pond lover.

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  1. good report! ingatkan mangkor, dapat juge ye...

    "How do I know they are rookie? They don’t even have a fishing rod."

    Tu bukan rookie tu... tu poser heheh...

    thanks for writing...